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  • - "Somewhere between the balls-out ridiculousness of Chris Seaver and the all-out splatstick gross-outs of Troma, NECROVILLE bridges the gap with genuine humor, well-done slapstick, a respectable amount of gore, restrained amounts of sex, a fun and laid-back attitude and a clever, whipsmart script."
  • The Movies Made Me Do It - "This one gets two thumbs up in my book. It's just the right combination of bloody gags and good laughs, and doesn't stop until the credits roll. If you're looking for that cheesy, Troma-like movie fun, look no further. Necroville has all the gore and laughs you'll ever hope to find in a single movie."
  • Midnight Muenster - "Seven out of Ten. It's one of those fun movies that should be seen, and I can't wait to see more from these guys."

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