Too Damn Busy Living Life & Making Movies.

My God. Where does the time go?

I used to write in this thing all the time…losing three years of news and stories and struggles related to getting Necroville made and distributed really put a crimp in my wanting to continue.

For the moment, I’ve tried a couple times to get back up on the horse, but failed spectacularly to develop any consistency.

That said, I’ve been too many places, done too many things and been too damn busy living life and making movies to post.

For the moment, I’m pleased to announce the feature length western I DP’d, 2nd unit directed and starred in will be released on a Lionsgate DVD sometime in the middle of November.  It is entitled The Righteous & The Wicked.  Keep a sharp eye out for it!  There’s a new trailer on the imdb!  Look for it.

Keep posted for VERY exciting news regarding Stiffed soon (for the three people who still check this from time to time) and in the meanwhile, there’s a gaggle of other projects in post-production and development as I clack away on this silvery Macintosh keyboard.

Good times.

Now, if only ancient Greece could do without interventions from Kratos for a minute, I might actually get some work done.

End of line.

Fight for the users!


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