Whither Wanders Billy?

Greetings Programs.

I find it extremely unlikely anyone is following the Necroblog at this time.

After the soul crushing reality of losing years of blog posts to the the angry Gods of tech, I found it hard to get back up on the cyber bull to get back to the word rodeo of my soul and this blog.

Today I’m looking to lay down my eight seconds in defiance of the oblivion of lost data and time.

I’ve left the Necroblog to wither on the vine for far too long now…so I am back.

It’s been a little over a year since Necroville and Gimme Skelter hit shelves.

Soon enough, I’ll make a post about what features the Albuquerque team has wrought and what adventures I’ve had abroad.

This minute I’m listening to the end credits theme from Werner Hertzog’s Grizzly Man which itself was a wrenching thought provoking tale of obsession and madness.

In this life, there are too many books, too many songs, too many games and too many movies to keep track of.

Memories drip through my brain like a child’s hands cupping water.

I look towards the future, steeled against the winds of limbo with a renewed faith in this life and a diminished view of most people’s capacity to change.

Life is spiky.

Fight for the users.

End of line.


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