The Laws & Dynanamic Principles Of Bill’s Universe

Not everything got pwned forever!

Once again! The LAW!

from: February 10th, 2006

I don’t make these up, I just abide by them.

At long last! In what I am referring to as a cleansing of my junk I finally came across an actual bonafide copy of The Laws & Dynamic Principles Of Bill’s Universe.

These rules are immutable and irrefutable facts that can make your life a better place if you can just keep at least one in mind at any given time! Take your pick or choose several! Mix and Match to taste!

My favorite Law & Dynamic Principle to prove is rule #1. I officially challenge anyone to disagree! I always encourage discussion to debate the finer points, but anyone willing to give a gander will soon realize the truth of this glorious doctrine!

1. Everything is Bill’s Fault

2. We are already in hell

3. Life is an ongoing comedy routine

4. Life is an unending psychotic episode

5. When in doubt, refer to rule #1

6. There is no rule #6

7. It’s all about the clam itself

8. Lunch is what you make of it

9. All things are possible in the abbatoir

10. If you have to ask the question, you already know the answer

11. It is clearly Bill’s job to wipe your ass

12. You don’t need a good knee to cave in somebody’s head with a bat

13. Life is a sexually transmitted disease proven to cause cancer and death in laboratory animals

14. Bill always wins

15. The Apocryphal is nigh

16. Mastery is only skin deep

17. Billy Loves Anna!

18. There is always an adaptor

19. According to the theory of evolution, nature will create a superior idiot to counter any advanced stratagem

20. There is always an episode of Star Trek you have never seen

21. Rules only catch up with the careless

Keep an eye out for reconstruction of the Necroblog!

Fight for the users.

End Of Line.


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